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4 kąty Nieruchomości Real Estate Services offers comprehensive real estate brokerage services, as well as the purchase and sale of real estate on its own account. We offer you assistance in buying, selling, renting and renting all kinds of real estate in Bialystok and surrounding areas. The main goal of our office is to meet the expectations of our customers, therefore, as the most important element of our work, we consider the proper identification of your needs and requirements.

Rule of cooperation with 4 kąty Nieruchomości Real Estate Services

The basis for effective and satisfactory cooperation is its clear and transparent conditions. It is a principle whose behavior is to serve the convenience and safety of all stakeholders. With reference to it 4 kąty Nieruchomości Real Estate Servicesi always sign brokering agreements, in accordance with the requirements of the Act on real estate management. For the sale of real estate for sale or rent, as well as the search for real estate to buy or rent, in our office we do not charge. The brokerage service fee is required only after the buyer's office and the transaction have been processed.

Why we do use the 4 kąty Nieruchomości Real Estate Services

You save time and no longer have to lose it for looking for customers, sending ads, receiving multiple phones. Our advisors will do it for you. We help you find deals, buy, rent or rent that suit your needs. We provide security to both parties to the transaction. With all our Clients we sign cooperation agreements. This ensures that the seller is confident that the buyer is not an accidental person and that the buyer is confident that the seller is the owner or proprietor of the property and that the information in the offer is reliable and consistent with the actual situation.

The counselors are always available to help and are available to you until the transaction is complete.

We invite you to cooperate.