Additional services:

Financing / Credits

We will advise you on the best financial advisors who will effectively and speedily carry you through the process of lending your property.

Property insurance

Our insurance broker will choose the best insurance offer for you.

Intermediate services for customers who have seen real estate / buyers / renters

It is individually valued.

Preparing for letting or sales 

We help you prepare your property for rent or sale by arranging it on your previous tenants or owners and carrying out minor repairs and repairs.

Help in the relocation

Administrative hiring

The 4 kąty Nieruchomości Real Estate Services offer for clients wishing to assign care and supervision over their property and tenants, for example due to lack of time or residence in another city, includes: assistance with ongoing monitoring of tenants, checking current payments and checking real estate status. Proper, constant, regular care for a home or place not only provides peace of mind for the owner, but also raises the value in the eyes of his rental interest.

Interior design

Those who have bought a house or apartment and want to decorate it in an original, stylish way, we offer the support of experienced designers, architects and contractors we work with. We help to arrange premises in retro or modern style, cheap or exclusive. Everything according to the wishes and dreams of our customers.

Home staging

We also offer you Home Staging Service, which price depends on the area of ​​the property and the amount of work required to complete. You can only choose to consult or choose a comprehensive service. The service does not require the signing of an agency agreement.

And what is it about ......

Home Staging is real estate marketing, interior decorating and ... psychology. This is a professional property preparation for sale and rental. This service is for sellers and renters of flats and houses. For property owners struggling for a long time with no interest in his property from the customers. For those who want to emphasize the uniqueness of their offer, making the space more attractive.